Morten Marquard

Morten Marquard is CEO of Exformatics, a Danish software company, developing software solutions to help knowledge worker increase their productivity. More than 40 Danish and international companies benefit from their Adaptive Case Management Solution (ACM) platform that can be configured to meet unique customer requirements. Business processes is supported through Dynamic Condition Response Graphs, DCR Graphs, which can be modelled on the portal, and executed in Exformatics ACM, as well as in other ACM systems. Morten Marquard has unique working experience from strategic sales and marketing, and expertise from knowledge-based industries from previous positions at Commerce One, Netscape and Accenture. Morten Marquard holds a master degree in computer science from University of Copenhagen. Over the last 4 years Morten has authored and co-authored several peer-reviewed articles on BPM and DCR graphs. Morten works close with IT University of Copenhagen and has supervised an industrial Ph.D.