Michael Reifer

Head of Innovation and TQM, FRENER & REIFER GmbH/Srl, Brixen-South Tyrol-Italy, m.reifer@frener-reifer.com

Since 2014 Michael Reifer is employed as Head of Innovation and TQM at FRENER & REIFER GmbH/Srl (www.frener-reifer.com), a well-known, leading manufacturer of customized innovative building envelope solutions, founded by Georg Frener and Franz Reifer on the 15th October 1974 and located in Brixen-South Tyrol-Italy. After his diploma at the Faculty of Civil Engineering at “Leopold-Franzens” University, Innsbruck-Austria Michael Reifer started full time activities within the department of structural engineering as technical project developer and project manager. In 2007 he started innovation projects in the fields of Freeform Architecture, Light Wight Structures, Sustainable Facades, Adaptive Facades and Lean Construction. Since 2014 he is responsible for Integrated Business Model Innovation and Total Quality Management. Further important missions are the work as president of an innovative cooperation platform for sustainable alpine construction technologies (www.kab-net.com) and as member of the regional entrepreneurship association.