Matthias Schrepfer

Senior Business Process Consultant, Zalando SE, Berlin Germany,

Matthias Schrepfer is a Senior Business Process Manager and Business Process Consultant in the Business Excellence team at Zalando SE. He drives initiatives to ensure reliable and superior performance of Zalando’s operational business processes. Matthias is leading cross-departmental projects that apply continuous improvement methodologies to sustain and optimize business process performance. Besides that, he develops and adapts methodologies tailored towards specific goal and project scenarios within Zalando.

Prior to his focus on operational excellence, he developed products and methodologies for business process monitoring at Zalando. Matthias implemented and established tools that monitor the process performance of core business processes in real time. This included the implementation of alerting capabilities and troubleshooting features to enable immediate impact detection and resolution. All tools were tailored for both business as well as technical teams. Matthias enabled these teams to effectively control and manage their business processes.