Matthias Löchte

Stadtwerke Münster GmbH, IT-Management, Münster, Germany,

Matthias Löchte is IT Project Manager at the Stadtwerke Münster GmbH, Germany. He managed the Stadtwerke Münster part in the Joint Research Project CrowdStrom with partners from all over Germany. His main interests are Information Systems, employed to promote the Energy Transition, and the future design of the Energy Sector. His Thesis focused on the optimization of Combined Heat and Power Systems to adapt energy supply to demand in the heat and electricity sector (Power-To-Heat). The project CrowdStrom offered challenging opportunities to gain profound knowledge on the design and implementation of charging processes to support the usage of Electric Mobility. During the conceptual phase of the project, the Stadtwerke Münster employed their practical process knowledge for a scientific Business Process Model Survey. This knowledge was applied to design and implement a CrowdStrom prototype. The findings of the project team have contributed to several publications.