Dr. Jonas Manderscheid

University of Augsburg, FIM Research Center, Project Group BISE of the Fraunhofer FIT, Augsburg, Germany, jonas.manderscheid@fim-rc.de

Jonas Manderscheid holds a doctorate in Business & Information Systems Engineering from the University of Augsburg. He formerly studied Business Informatics (B.A.) and Information Management (M.Sc.), while also serving as IT Consultant at Hamm Reno Group GmbH. From 2012 to 2016, Jonas has been a research associate at the Research Center Finance & Information Management and the Project Group Business & Information Systems Engineering of the Fraunhofer FIT, also engaged in applied research projects with companies like MLP AG and MELOS GmbH. Most of his work centers around business process management (BPM), focusing on the monitoring and improvement phases of the BPM lifecycle. He has published in journals such as Decision Support Systems, Information Systems Frontiers, and Business Process Management Journal and presented his research at relevant international conferences. Currently, Jonas serves as Project Manager for Internet of Things Product Lifecycle Management at Hilti Befestigungstechnik AG.