Dr. Gregor Hauc

SNAGA, Public Waste & Recycling company, L.t.d.  Povšetova 6, 1000 Ljubljana, SI-Slovenia, gregor.hauc@snaga.si

Gregor Hauc is assistant director in public company Snaga L.t.d. in Ljubljana, which offers services for waste collected and waste recycling to more than 760.000 inhabitants of Slovenia region. He is responsible for business process management, quality system management (ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015 and ISO18001:2007), information technology (ERP, BI, GIS), process oriented organization and corporate facility services. In September 2016 he successfully defended his doctoral thesis at Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana, in which he highlighted in particular the methodological approach “Comprehensive redesign and digitalization of business processes” through six interconnected and dependent projects. He also works as consultant in area of BPM and IT.