Dr. Christoph Ruhsam

ISIS Papyrus Academy Senior Manager, ISIS Papyrus Europe AG, christoph.ruhsam@isis-papyrus.com

Christoph Ruhsam is Senior Manager at ISIS Papyrus. He is head of the ISIS Papyrus Academy focusing on applied application research and coordinates scientific projects with external partners. The Academy has a dedicated group for user interface and usability concepts. Another group produces all Papyrus software related documentation and delivers education programs including the ISIS Papyrus Certification. He studied at TU Wien Communications Engineering and received his doctoral degree in 1994 on digital signal processing of biomedical signals. Since 1995 he works at ISIS Papyrus in a variety of management positions and established in 2003 a dedicated project supervision team (Project-QA), caring for ISIS Papyrus large scale installation projects. In 2012 he started the ISIS Papyrus Academy to stimulate scientific research projects like CACAO in cooperation with the University of Vienna.