Dr. Bartosz Woliński

Siemens sp. z o.o., Warsaw, Poland, bartosz.wolinski@siemens.com

Bartosz Woliński within his professional career focuses on project management and operations management. His PhD dissertation contributed to research efforts on Chinese economical transformation.


He’s been working as project manager or head of department for international corporations including Dassault System, Philips and currently Siemens – mostly in IT (SAP) and SSC/BPO business and previously Business Process Excellence Program Manager.


Bartosz published several articles in-line with his professional and academic interests – project management and operations management. He also carries the lectures at the universities and technical universities in Poland (including Technical University of Warsaw and Warsaw School of Economics) which provides expertise mainly in service excellence (digital transformation and processes): Business Process Management, Robotics Process Automation and Digital Enterprise – Industry 4.0.