Dipl.Inf. (FH) Roland Leitz

Adler Modemärkte AG, Haibach, Germany, roland.leitz@adler.de

Roland Leitz is the Director IT of Adler Modemärkte AG. He holds a diploma in computer science, which he obtained at the university of applied sciences of Furtwangen in 1979. Afterwards, he was project development lead in various IT projects in the telecommunications, auto-mobile, and manufacturing domains. Roland worked as a freelancer for the consultancy company Mummert & Partner, before joining Adler Modemärkte GmbH in 1990. There, he worked as head of software development for two years, before entering his current position as Director IT in early 1992. He first investigated the opportunities of RFID technology in 2001, and conducted a feasibility study of RFID in 2005. Since then, he actively promotes the use of RFID in talks at conferences and workshops. He leads the RFID project at Adler. Since 2015, he also focuses on advanced use cases of RFID, like inventory robotics, and RFID-based intelligent fitting rooms.