Christoph Czepa

University of Vienna, Faculty of Computer Science, Research Group Software Architecture, Vienna, Austria,

Christoph Czepa is a researcher at the Faculty of Computer Science, University of Vienna, Austria. His research areas include Business Process Management (BPM), Adaptive Case Management (ACM), Domain-Specific Languages (DSLs), software architecture, software engineering, compliance/consistency and the application of machine learning and formal verification methods in the aforementioned domains. He has received a master degree in computer science in December 2013 (with distinction). Currently, he is pursuing a PhD in computer science. Christoph is the (co-)author of more than 15 peer-reviewed scientific articles and papers, and he participated in two research projects, namely the CACMTV (Content-Aware Coding for Mobile TV) project and CACAO (Consistency Checking, Recommendations, And Visual Modeling For Ad Hoc Changes By Knowledge Workers In Adaptive Case Management) project.